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Death by Abscess
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How to tell if a dentist is needed.

How to assess the need for dental treatment:

1.  Are you able to eat the things you want to?

2.  Do your dentures fit like they used to?

3.  Do your teeth sometimes hurt you when you chew? *

4.  Are any of your teeth loose? *

5.  Have you lost any fillings or crowns? *

6.  Has it been a long time since you had X-rays? *

7.  Do you have any broken teeth?  *

*  These are signs that you may have one or more abscessed teeth.  An abscess is a pocket of puss in the jaw bones.  They can make other health issues more difficult and make you prone to stroke, osteoporosis, and pain in your joints and muscles.  You should see a dentist.  Abscesses can kill.

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