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About Dr. James Russon

Dr. James Russon, a long time Bountiful resident, has been a general dentist since graduating from UCLA in 1977.  After twenty years as a general dentist, he returned to study at the University of Utah School of Medicine to receive a Master’s degree of Public Health.  While volunteering at Salt Lake Donated Dental, a non-profit organization offering free dental care to indigent and low income individuals, he realized that there was a tremendous a population of people with no access to dental care whether it was free or not.  These individuals are the aged, infirm, immobile, homebound or institutionalized whose numbers have been growing with the graying of America.  Many require round the clock nursing care and can be moved only with extreme difficulty for caregivers and pain for the patients. 

Dr. Russon is the only “restricted to” mobile and bedside provider of fee-for-service dental care in the intermountain area.  He is particularly anxious to treat pain and infection among nursing home residents and those remaining at home for whom travel to a dental office is difficult or overwhelming. 

For information about Dr. Russon contact the Utah Dental Association.

James E. Russon DDS, MPH
         James E Russon DDS, MPH